6 reasons to learn russian language

1. Travel

Russia it's a big interesting country with many kinds of nature.
If you ever going to travel to Russia, it's better to know at least some important phrases because actually not many people here available to speak English.

2. Business

Russia it's a rich country with many nature resources like gas, oil, wood, water, coal.
You cannot cooperate with people if you don't know their language.
3. Study

Who knows, maybe you would like to get an education in Russia and live here for a while?

4. Art

Touch a great Slavic culture. It's not a secret that Russia has many famous musicians, painters, writers.
What can be better to listen or read in original language?
5. International friends.

I adore communicate with people from different countries, it allows you to feel their culture even more.

6. Just because you can

It's kind of magic when you seat somewhere in a cafe in other hemisphere, you only need an internet to learn a language of so faraway country.
There are 6 reasons to learn Russian, I'm sure we can find more!

So are you still thinking of doing this?

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