How much money
should I take in Russia?
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One of the most popular questions from you: How much money should I take in Russia to travel?

And it's difficult to answer! Because I don't know your style of travels, your preferences, maybe you would like to live in 5 star hotels and eat in the famous restaurants or maybe you'll hitchhike and stay by couchsurfing for free.

So I don't know how much exactly you should take. But some travelers say that you can count on the amount you usually spend in a month and take about this money.
Another thing you should know about Russia that prices can be different in different parts of country.

I would rank like this: the most expensive - Far East Russia, then European part, and the cheapest one - Siberia.

And funny thing, the quality doesn't depend on prices.

Here's APPROXIMATE prices in Russia.

Hostel from 9$; double room with bathroom inside from 40$

Food: dinner in a cafe from 15$; buy products for dinner and cook by yourself also from 15$

Transportation: bus from 0,40$; taxi from 5$

Theatre: the cheapest ticket from 7$, but usually from 25$

Excursions: our tours start from 80$ per person and more expensive. It depends where you are going and for how long.
Russian secrets
For one month of middle comfort travels I would take at least 1000$
But it totally depends on you, somebody can travel with much less money, but for somebody 1000$ it's nothing.
Travel in Russia will be much comfortable if you know at least basic Russian.

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