Russian secrets

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We offer multi-day tours from Vladivostok, Novosibirsk and Yakutsk
We want to take you a little farther from the beaten path. We've picked out some of the most scenic, breathtaking spots to bring you to!

Prices vary by group size and accommodation type. Book a full group and save!
Learn Russian and ski in Siberia
(from Novosibirsk)
4-day tour: Sheregesh is a famous Siberian ski resort, with the highest point being 1,570m above sea level. There are a lot of ski trails, great people and snow (of course!), every evening there is a fresh Russian lesson waiting for you!

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Yakutia tour + Lena pillars
(from Yakutsk)
3-day tour: Russia is multicultural, multi-ethnic country with a variety of people and traditions. Learn about the unique Yakutian homeland (located in the coldest place in Russia), including the awesome towering rock formations along the Lena River!

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Russian village tour

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Get at least 10 high-quality pictures from your adventure with us.
We are happy to offer travel tips that you can use across Russia, including help with tickets, bookings, translation and more!
We use a clean, comfortable vehicle for all of our tours. We'll pick you up and drop you off in any convenient, nearby location.
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