Russian traditional dishes

Russian secrets
Actually in internet there are so many information about traditional Russian dishes. So I decided to make my own list of favorite Russian cuisine.

I ate all these food from my childhood so here's the list of my favorite dishes starting from the most delicious for me.
1. Пироги с щавелем.

Pies with sorrel.
2. Блины.

3. Окрошка.

Cold soup with vegetables. The best in summer time.
4. Грибы со сметаной
и картошкой.

Mushrooms with sour
cream and potatoes.
5. Холодец.

It's kind of jellies with meat. But it's so long to cook it so usually Russian people do it on New year eve.
6. Уха.

Fish soup.
I love to eat when
I hike to some nature.
7. И, конечно, борщ!

I love borsh, red soup with meat, vegetables and beet.
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