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Russian secrets
I don't know what you heard about Russia from tv, from other people, but I cannot call Russia as a dangerous place.

Of course you should know some information, how to stay safe in Russia, but I also know some travelers who like to find some dangerous places and explore will happen something with them or not.
So it's totally your choice.
I know as minimum 2 stories about travelers who came to Russia and went to the bar at night, and they had to fight with "local" Russian guys. One story happened in Novosibirsk, one in Irkutsk. And this is quite touristic cities.

Another story was happened in the hostel, in Novosibirsk. I met two Austrian guys and they wanted to hangout somewhere and asked Russian people for recommendation of bar.

People gave some advices, but everybody said don't go to that bar opposite of street. This bar have a bad reputation.

And what do you think which bar they picked?
Of course that with a bad reputation. Fortunately, nothing happened with them that night. But it's obvious, that guys was looking for some "adventure".
Russian secrets
I don't want to scare you by all this stories, I just want you to say that you can find everything in Russia depends what you're looking for.

Just follow simple rules like don't leave your purse and passport at the table in a public places, even it's hostel or train.

I've just seen in Switzerland people can leave a purse at table in a bar, and nothing will happen.

No. It doesn't work in Russia. So watch out for your belongings and listen for some recommendations.
In the end, I want to say that yes, Russia can be dangerous!

You can fall in love with this country and want to come back again and again!
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